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Up-skirt Perv Gets Forced Handjob and Post Orgasm Torture

When a guy is caught looking under a sexy British girl's skirt he receives a punishment that he will never forget. The upskirt perv is forced to strip completely naked prior to getting a severe forced hand job coupled with extreme ball spanking and cock torture. To ensure he definitely learns his lesson the girl sinks her teeth into the side of the guy's prick making him screech with pain. Ultimately, after receiving so much abuse, the man is forced to cum inspite of being in agony.

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Chick Gives Brutal Hand Job Punishment

As soon as this hot chick finds her boyfriend's mastercard statement contains a few mysterious purchases she decides that an agonising hand-job punishment is exactly what he requires. The chick bombards the guy with punches, dick slapping, testicle spanking and much more until the guy is absolutely begging for mercy. Eventually the boyfriend is forced to jizz just from the pure strength of her activities and he finally releases a nearly pleasure-less cum shot.

Extreme Hand Job Punishment Movie – Watch Here

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Hot Secretary Forces Boss to Jizz

In the following movie clip a very hot secretary makes her boss jizz in revenge for the guy's continuous disrespectful conduct. After listening to her boss's shit for such a long time this spunky woman finally breaks and decides to show the guy who truly has the upper hand within their working relationship. She waits until everyone has gone home and the boss is alone before bursting in on him as he views porn videos on the net. Knowing he has been caught the boss realizes that he has very little choice but to do exactly as he's told.

Sexy Secretary Forces Her Manager to Ejaculate – Complete Video

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Dirty Old Teacher Forced to Spunk by Sexy Schoolgirl

In this movie clip a dirty old perv of a tutor is forced to cum by a naughty schoolgirl. The tutor is supervising a school vacation with an overnight visit to a guest house. Following a few drinks at night the guy decides to get one of the young ladies in to his room for a little extra schooling. But the girl isn't so innocent as he thinks and she soon realizes what the old pervert has planned. At first she plays along with his dirty requests however once she has him with his dick out she turns the tables and soon she's the one having the control.

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Loony Girl Gives Forced Handjob Discipline

Today's movie clip features yet another psychotic girl giving a forced hand-job punishment to her cheating partner. When it comes to psycho girls you will have to go a long distance to discover one as mad as this British chick. This lady genuinely gives her boyfriend some filthy verbal and physical discipline before eventually forcing him to jizz after one of the most brutal forced hand jobs I have ever witnessed.

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